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Still Life Images

Still-Life Images are the best way to show your product as it is. Images in 100% Pure White or transparent background are used to capture your product only. There are two ways to use it:

Primary Image (main image/hero shot)

Ideally, the Still Life image is used as your primary (main) image on Amazon or on your website.

This picture category should show the item on a white background (at an appealing angle) with either a drop shadow or a slight reflection.

The main image won’t include words, environments, or items that aren’t “for sale” so unless you’re putting accessories in there, it should be the product by itself.

Secondary Image (featured image)

Stills photography can be used as featured images as well.

These images should show the item at different angles (with close-ups where needed) and list the features of the object compellingly.

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