Lifestyle Images


Sellers with the most contextual lifestyle images are perceived as being the ‘original,’ which has the benefits of raising conversion rates.


When consumers cannot see or hold your product in person, it’s critical to visually answer the question such as “how will this fit into my life”? Lifestyle Photography will provide consumers with the confidence that they need to make a purchasing decision.


We classify "Lifestyle Photo" the image which uses props, Personal or Professional Models, or anything different from the Still Images requirements.


We re-creating real-life scenarios, showing the product in everyday use with models or sets while having the focus on your product.


This is a perfect technique to show off the best features of your product by creating a visual storyline and demonstrate it in real life. 


Technical Specifications:


Using Props - The definition of a prop for photography would be anything that the subject holds or touches and something near the subject that adds to the story and dimension of the picture.


An accessory would be something worn or next by the subject, such as vases, flowers, electronics, etc. We will provide the best props to dress up your product. If you desire something different, you will need to send it together with your product. 


Using Personal Models - It will include the half body (face is not showed), hands or feet. It's already included in the Lifestyle package. 


Using Professional Models - It will include full body and it shows the face. We will hire a professional model upon client's request. Model's fee is charged separately. 

Using Dogs and/or other Animals - Minimum $20 additional cost. Price will vary according to the animal. 

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