Refer a Friend Program

Referring a friend is a great way to tell others about Go Zooming Photo Studio and the only way to get a free order. You just need to ask us for a personalized code, and we will send it to you. Don't forget to read the terms and conditions carefully before you start spreading the word. 

Terms and Conditions

With all offers, there are a few rules (or Terms and Conditions, but let’s not get too formal) so everyone plays fair. Here they are…




Everybody can refer Go Zooming on Social Media Channels with their unique Referral Code generated by Go Zooming.

You will receive the Unique Referral Code when your first order is finished or, if you are not a client yet, upon request. 

  • Refer multiple friends — there’s no limit. Referred friends must be entirely new for Go Zooming. They can’t have placed an order or have been gifted Go Zooming services at any time.

Referred friends can...

  • Use the referral code as a referred friend if they’ve never made (or paid) for an order. They can start referring their friends too. Send us an email, and we will provide your unique Referral Code.


Let’s talk rewards

When referring friends using your unique referral code, if you:

  • GET 1 FRIEND WHO PLACES AN ORDER WITH US - You and your friend get 10% OFF. 

  • GET 2 FRIENDS WHO PLACE AN ORDER WITH US - You get 20% OFF and your friends get 10% OFF. 

  • GET 3 FRIENDS WHO PLACE  AN ORDER WITH US - You get a FREE ORDER, and your friends get 10% OFF.

3+ Referral Friends Rules:

What if you have more than 3 friends that placed the order with us? The program will starts from the beginning, and you will get the rewards accordingly. Your referral code will be the same. However, you will have a special bonus. For example:

You already got a free order with us ( 3 referral friends already placed the order), and your friends are still using your refer code to place order (Nice! Good Job!). So, this is how the 3+ Referral Friends Rules will be applied: 

  • 4 of your referral friends placed the order: You get 10% OFF to use on your next paid order and your friends will get 10% OFF too. 

  • 5 of your friends placed the order: You get 15% OFF to use on your next paid order and your friends will get 10% OFF.

  • 6 of your referral friends placed the order: You get 1 free order + 10% OFF to use on your next paid order and your friends will get 10% OFF.

  • and so on so forth...

Please, check the graphic below: 

















* PSYou can't use the 10% OFF and the 20% OFF discount together on the same paid order. You have to choose which one you want to use first. The Discount Codes and the Free Order do not expire. 


About the FREE ORDER
  • Your free order will represent:

    • $100 (one hundred dollars) package. You can mix and match with infographic ($30 each), still image ($20 - $25), and lifestyle image ($ 25 each). 

    • 1 (one) product only.

  • If you exceed the $100 package, you have to pay for the difference. You can use the discount code received with the 3+ Referral Friends Rules

  • Are you thinking of sharing your Free Order? Sorry, they can’t be transferred from person to person.

  • The free order does not include the price of your product. If you want us to buy the product on Amazon, you need to inform us, and we will send you a payment request with the full price of the product. The discount code received with the  3+ referral friends can't be used here.  

  • You cannot combine the Referral Code with other promotions. 


Do you want to start referring friends and earning? 

Amazon Product Photography
Amazon Product Photography