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Animal Services Trust Fund - Miami Dade County

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"I believe that all companies have the mission to collaborate and help their society to grow. For this reason, my company helps those who can't talk or survive by themselves: The homeless cats and dogs.

Go Zooming makes monthly donations for Animal Services Trust Fund - Miami Dade County . Part of our profits go directly to the shelter who helps them to find a new home.

Unfortunately, each year, over 27,000 animals are abandoned at Animal Services. They work tirelessly to reunite the shelter pets with their owners, find them new homes and work with over 50 rescue groups and partners who help them save as many animals as possible. We are proud to be part of it!

This is a cause that I truly believe and totally embrace. I have two shelter dogs: Luisa and Arturo, who I adopted in this particular Animal Service 7 years ago. They are my third and forth rescued dogs. I never bought a dog in my life and I never will. For this reason I will always help them!"

Daniela Rodrigues

Founder - Go Zooming Photo Studio

Make an online donation here

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